Skype & FaceTime Lessons

Online Group Lessons

skype lessons
We are creating online live streaming music classes. The classes will be available on YouTube for those that purchase the classes. These classes will be presented by an instructor live, with computer images to help the students understand the topics. These classes are very informative for everyone in your family, and will give your students a fun learning experience while they are cooped up during this difficult time, and will help our small business stay afloat! Private music lessons are also available online as well

The classes are $20 per 30 minute class. The students will be able to "text" questions via the YouTube page, and if you purchase 4, you will get one free!

Class NamePrerequiste
Intro to Music Theory Inone
Intro to Music Theory IIIntro to Music Theroy I or equivalant
Intro to Ear Training IIntro to Music Theroy II or equivalant
Intro to Ear Training IIIntro to Ear Training I or equivalant
The Science of Music Inone
The Science of Music IIThe Science of Music I or equivalent
Sound Mixing Inone
Sound Mixing IISound Mixing I or
Music Recording ISound Mixing I or equivalant<
Music Recording IIMusic Recording I
Making Music with Garage Bandnone - you need a mac computer with Garage Band
Live Sound MixingSound Mixing II or equivalant
Light Theorynone
Stage Lighting with DMXnone

Skype & FaceTime Lessons

skype lessons
Live online lessons are a great way for students to learn. Learning from someone in another state or country not only gives you the advantage to learning from great teachers that may not be available in your area, but you also learn from the cultural influences that that teacher may be able to bring to the experience. Your Skype / FaceTime lessons can give you the personal attention that you would get from traditional private lessons. We’ll go the the pace that matches the student, and you can get immediate feedback from your teacher.

If you are interested in learning music via Skype or Facetime, please contact us to arrange a lesson.

About Skype

Skype is free software that lets you communicate over the Internet with anyone in the world, at no charge. It is a video phone that allows you to see & hear your teacher, while they can see and hear you.

By early 2009 Skype claimed over 42.2 million active users. And the numbers are growing. The volume of international traffic routed via Skype is significant. It has become the largest international voice carrier.

Downloading and setting up Skype is free & easy. Click the skype link at the bottom of the page, and you will be directed to a download site, and will be connected to our skype channel.

If you have a webcam Skype will automatically detect it and offer a way to test it to ensure everything is working correctly. Once that is done, any Skype call can include video.